Development with Docker

This section describes how to run development version of Rundata-net with Docker. Using Docker, it is possible to have Rundata-net up and running much easier than configuring everything from scratch (see Installation).

  1. First of all you need Docker. You can use Docker Desktop if you are using macOS or Windows (greater than 10). Follow isntructions for your OS in order to get Docker.

  2. Get Rundata-net source code. Use Git or download it directly. Here is a link to the latest version provided as Zip archive.

  3. Extract the archive to some folder.

  4. Open a terminal programm and navigate to the folder where you extracted the source code to.

  5. Build and run docker image:

    docker-compose -f local.yml up

    Note that depending on the OS you are running, you may need to run the above command as a super user, i.e. with sudo.

That’s it. If everything is fine you shall see no error messages. After that you may open your browser and navigate to